Collection: BRAVO star cutouts

The star cutouts have a long tradition in BRAVO. The first star cutout motif featured the popular and successful French film actress Brigitte Bardot. Her star cutout consisted of eleven parts. In total, 118 artists and groups managed to be immortalized as star cutouts in children's and teenagers' rooms. The selection criteria for the artists chosen by BRAVO is not entirely clear. Popular groups like the Kelly Family or the King of Pop - Michael Jackson - are missing from the series. Patience was key when it came to star cutouts, as it could sometimes take several months to receive the complete star cutout. In the digital age, you don't have to wait that long anymore. We have scanned all the parts of the star cutouts, cut them out on the computer, and assembled them into the complete star cutouts. However, you can also get the individual parts here. So, there are 118 star cutouts of the greatest artists and groups from over half a century of music history, available in the best quality and original size. They are ready to be printed out for you to enjoy the associated memories or even to be used as unique decorations. Luckily, there are no limits, as star cutouts are not only purchased by fans; they have also adorned parties and even exhibitions in museums. Our star cutouts are life-sized, which means you can print them out at least to life size without any visible loss in quality - the notorious "pixelation" is avoided. Since our scanning standard is 300 DPI, you can even print the star cutouts larger. We guarantee lossless quality up to the original life size.

Alle BRAVO Starschnitte zum Anschauen und Downloaden