When we say that the star cutouts are assembled, it means that we have scanned the individual parts of all the star cutouts, digitally cut them out, and then put them together. We have painstakingly retouched any visible cut edges, small flaws, and color variations that may have occurred due to the printing techniques used at the time. So, you will receive a PDF file that contains a fully assembled and high-quality star cutout in its original size.

First of all, let me clarify that the star cutout is indeed life-sized. If your printer is only printing the star cutout on one DIN-A4 page, you will need to adjust the settings on your printer. Theoretically, you can decide how large you would like your star cutout to be. "Life-sized" means that you can print the star cutout up to life-size without compromising the image quality or it becoming pixelated. Many of our customers (including ourselves) choose to have the star cutouts printed at a professional copy shop. They can print the star cutouts for you in your desired size and quality, and you can even choose the type of paper (cardstock, film, etc.) to be used.