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BRAVO - All individual issues of the year 1978 available for download as PDFs

BRAVO - All individual issues of the year 1978 available for download as PDFs

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We offer all BRAVO issues available for individual download. Just like during your active reading days, you can get the issues one by one. The only difference now is that you don't have to go to the newsstand or kiosk. Comfortably from home, you can dive into the old issues and relive the associated memories. Whether from your PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you can access them. Another advantage is that unlike the exorbitant prices that old magazines can fetch nowadays, you can get the digital issues from us at a reasonable price and in excellent quality. We have painstakingly scanned and digitally reassembled and enhanced the issues. It's perfect if you want to casually browse through an old BRAVO, search for a specific issue or article, or show your children what your youth looked like. Here, you have access to all issues from the year 1978. However, we also offer issues from other years.

Contemporary historical documents.

Please consider the historical context when reading the issues! Some formulations, views, texts, and reports may be outdated from today's perspective. However, we have decided not to add any post-commentary or make any alterations to the issues in any way, but rather to keep them in their original form, as they represent important contemporary historical documents for us. As a cross-generational companion for youth, BRAVO provides an interesting insight into cultural development. Therefore, it is important to consider the historical and societal context while reading.

Quality and format

The image quality is 180 DPI (HQ)

file format is PDF

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  • More than a simple youth magazine

    BRAVO has been accompanying youth since 1956. Therefore, the individual issues offer an exciting overview of cultural developments, as well as pop culture and music history. From the Beatles to the Kellys.

A musical journey through time.

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